What am I
offering to You?

Not a product, nor just a service, but a solution to your problem. Because we all have infinite tasks that are waiting to be done, so here’s what I am good at, here’s what I can do for your business.


“Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.”

A competitive brand image starts with discovering your brand culture. And the result is not just about creating a logo or finding the most suitable colours and fonts but establishing that unique space in the minds of your target audience.

Web Design

Responsive, user-friendly and aesthetic WordPress websites with an easy-to-use front-end, so You can use your own website as a communication platform in a long-term. Sounds easy, but good work needs productive input, therefore I will do my best to help you achive your goals.

Online Marketing Services

Online communication is key, so we will do it strategically. From social media (SMO) to search engine optimization (SEO) we will find the best way to increase the awareness of your brand.


I know that you might want to have an idea about the price range, so based on the previous projects I created some example packages.




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Usually, I divide my projects into two main stages: project period and warranty period. This means that the payment can also be divided into two (in the beginning and at the end of the project period).